I’m Erika Woodhouse, founder and owner of Perch. Perch navigates greater Boston area homeowners through renovation planning. I offer experienced advice and clarity by pinpointing goals, pitfalls, costs and real estate ramifications. Because I’ve been there before, many times.

I love that place where houses and people meet.


What is Perch?

Perch is a home renovation consulting service. Talking to Perch is the step to take BEFORE you make your big home renovation decisions. You have a house, you have a renovation budget, you’ve got needs! Now what? You know you may need an architect, designer, contractor or real estate agent. But how to interpret their advice and make decisions resulting in a great renovation that’s on time and on budget? Plus — how does this protect your investment, maybe the biggest one you have? I can take the uncertainty out of those questions for you.

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Work with Perch


The Venn of Home

I aim to use my hard-won knowledge to help homeowners make their home fit their life.  My skills have been honed through my other business, Nicholwood, which I own with my husband.  We are real estate developers, which means we analyze the market, invest in a property and plan what to do with it. We hire contractors and other professionals to make the most of the property within the neighborhood’s context and then we sell it.  We’ve restored several different types of residential properties for resale throughout the Boston area, and we began the process much like any thoughtful person would with the time and motivation to focus on it.  We started by looking for our own forever home, which is really the way we look at every property we work on:  how would real people live in this space?  Add to that the business angle:  market analysis, product knowledge, labor and materials, timelines and design suitability. All of that gives my clients someone much like them, but with loads of experience and a much broader business scope. That results in a consultant with some real chops advocating for you.


Protect your Big Investment with a Small Investment

Your home is probably your biggest asset. Yes, your house is the place you live – it’s also a significant part of your net worth. You want to recoup your renovation dollars and build on this asset when you sell it. The best way is to consult with an expert (that’s me!) before you do the work. There are a lot of people in the home space that will be telling you about your house. They may have excellent information, but their goals may not align with yours. Any professional offering services regarding your home has their own goals, perspectives and motivations. Who better than someone who invests in renovating homes for resale to take your perspective and be an advocate for only you?

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The contractor has a project manager, shouldn’t you?

A project needs to be monitored for work quality and accuracy as it progresses. Sometimes what you said and what they heard don’t match. Will you be able to tell when things aren’t done correctly – especially before the problems can be hidden? It’s easier to fix a problem early – it costs time, money and quality to fix later. Do you know when to push for a better solution and when to embrace a change in plans? Meanwhile, your house is turned upside-down and you already have a full life. You don’t need to acquire a whole new set of skills on the fly that you may never need again. Call me to see how I can help.